Pathways to Wellness

"I’ve been very impressed with a handful of people working to develop what blockchains are capable of, and solve problems that other technologies can't."

Robert Wiblin


The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed fundamental flaws and disparities in the mental health ecosystem. MIND has uncovered three opportunities for immediate impact.

Improved Understanding of Brain Health, Treatments, and Cures for Mental Health Conditions

Diversion of funding to research coronaviruses and to develop vaccines and treatments is understandable; however, other biomedical research topics critical to the nation’s mental health are suffering. The COVID-19 pandemic has diverted funding previously allocated to translational, and clinical research. Support is needed to:

  • Fund researchers working at the basic, translational, or clinical level to understand brain function and the causes of mental health and substance use disorders;
  • Support research to develop new methods to treat, diagnose, and prevent mental illnesses;
  • Support scientists studying these issues who are at vulnerable career stages, such as trainees and investigators who have recently established independent research groups.

Increase Capacity and Diversify the Mental Health System

Immediate efforts are needed to increase the number, skillset, and diversity of professionals who can support mental health and provide direct care, early intervention, and screening. Toward that end we:

  • Support initiatives that strive to increase the number of quality mental health care professionals and succeed at diversifying the community providing the direct care.
  • Support the creation, implementation, and deployment of educational programs and tools for family, friends, and colleagues to support mental and emotional well-being within communities to meet the needs of an array of mental health challenges.

Reduce Stigma and Improve the Mental Health System

Stigma may undermine care seeking and service participation and/or leading to avoiding treatment or dropping out prematurely.

Many Americans who seek help for mental health conditions encounter a mental health care system that has long been in a state of crisis. The 2020 pandemic provides unique and heretofore counterintuitive opportunities to ultimately build a better system. Mind Blockchain Project will work to provide the catalyst to toward efforts to support change the mental health landscape through advocacy and financial support for:

  • Improved and continued use of telehealth and digital technologies for mental health care while seeking to use these strategies gain geographic reach and achieve a parity for primary and mental health care;
  • Further research which seeks to engage the social constructs that drive mental health challenges and provide impetus to gain  evidence-based policy solutions.

Taking a stand for the mental health of all of us.

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