I am an Athlete

"I am a Baseball athlete and an avid shoe collector. I noticed while I was looking up at the ceiling in my state of Florida the vents clog and everything seemed to divide mentally. So I decided I needed to level. It was March my buddy says to me my baseball training needed something different, I was a catcher and jumped as a frog did to whisper to my buddy. “I’m different because I am a great dad.”

"Baseball was a  great time in my life. Now my primary focus is to take what I learned from the game of baseball and build my team to help those in need of Mental Health Services. Over the next two decades, my primary objective will be to pave the way for a better healthcare industry. We will use our team knowledge and skillsets to build a beautiful infrastructure and lay a better foundation for our children. Health should be like walking onto a baseball field, and everyone should get to enjoy the game of life."

-Alex Elbanna
Mind Blockchain

Taking a stand for the mental health of all of us.

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